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Embracing Autumn…


With the Winter Reaper knocking on our door, and Summer breathing her last breaths – we have a lovely little grace period called Autumn. This is my absolute favorite time of year, not only because I can now finally cover up – but so can the rest of the cut-off wearing, mid-riff bearing beautiful population of Cape Town. The playing field is somehow more even in the colder months… and one can take just that much more delight in soothing any weight worries with rich indulgences and solace in the knowledge that throwing on an oversized jersey won’t be out of place.

So, I bring to you (after a reflective break from the blog) the perfect meal to usher in the cooler weather and cozier evenings… Butternut, Fennel & Cambozola Risotto served with a homemade Maple-glazed Pumpkin seed and crispy Sage dust. Sounds complicated, but it truly isn’t. This is why I adore risotto because it lends itself to an infinite amount of possibilities when it comes to flavoring. Just like a blank canvas. So light the fire, open a bottle of chilled Pinot Noir and cozy up with a gorgeous bowl of deliciousness!

Magic Mushrooms (the other kind)


Twitter is abuzz with gentle ‘batten down the hatches’ reminders, as a vile cold front makes its way into Cape Town and surrounds… I’ve decided to heed my fellow social-gopher cries and stock up for the week in an attempt at self-preservation. I am one of those people who simply cannot shop to a list, and instead peruse the aisles (sometimes aimlessly) eyeing each and every product, thinking which ingredient goes with what. The negative to this, is I land up with a total mash up of mis-matched ingredients; the positive – is that I force myself to use them somehow in recipes that have a wonderfully nondescript base, and I can play around with adding different flavour combinations. A great example of this is Risotto.

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Leeky Lemon Risotto


Risotto is one of those dishes where what you put in, reaps exactly what you get out. Time consuming though it may be in the actual cooking of it, you can cook enough to serve a tableful of hungry souls,(provided you have a pot big enough!). And if you get it right – the silky, oozy, buttery richness will keep you coming back for seconds and thirds.

The humble cauliflower, though often overlooked, is actually a most cooperative vegetable. Roasted, boiled, mashed, pickled and steamed – it embraces most cooking methods, and gets along well with almost any flavour combination, thanks to its modest subtlety. Here, I have paired it with the gracious leek – a vegetable I find has a touch more depth than the onion, but embodies the same rich texture and punchy flavour. Annointed with the golden juice of a lemon and heaps of parmesan cheese, you simply can’t go wrong with this combination!

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