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Beta-Carotene Boost


How pretty is this blazing orange bouquet of cauliflower? I didn’t think twice before grabbing it and conjuring up ways to devour it! Apparently it is a product of natural mutation from a crop field in Canada and with it’s rich colour, means that it is brimming full with Vitamin A (25% more to be exact, thanks Google).
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Look what I found!


It’s always exciting when new and exotic ingredients make their way to South African shores. I always ogle the organic aisle at Woolworths where these precious gems abide. Not that I am a particular stickler for all things organic, but I do find the produce always looks a bit happier than their ordinary ‘inferiors’. It was here, whilst looking at the Rainbow Spinach (yes there is such a thing – and it’s breath-taking), the Shiraz Mange Tout and Baby Aubergines, that I came across the most intricately designed natural food stuff I have ever seen. The label read, Romanesco, and at just R16.99, I had to make it mine.

After a quick research of the vegetable, I discovered that it predates both Cauliflower and Broccoli, who are a part of its family – and hails from Italy. Isn’t that interesting?

Here is a recipe for a soup that I made using the Romanesco. Naturally I realise it is not a readily available vegetable, but it tastes so similar to cauliflower that it can be substituted with one instead. Happy Cooking!
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Leeky Lemon Risotto


Risotto is one of those dishes where what you put in, reaps exactly what you get out. Time consuming though it may be in the actual cooking of it, you can cook enough to serve a tableful of hungry souls,(provided you have a pot big enough!). And if you get it right – the silky, oozy, buttery richness will keep you coming back for seconds and thirds.

The humble cauliflower, though often overlooked, is actually a most cooperative vegetable. Roasted, boiled, mashed, pickled and steamed – it embraces most cooking methods, and gets along well with almost any flavour combination, thanks to its modest subtlety. Here, I have paired it with the gracious leek – a vegetable I find has a touch more depth than the onion, but embodies the same rich texture and punchy flavour. Annointed with the golden juice of a lemon and heaps of parmesan cheese, you simply can’t go wrong with this combination!

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