Perfect Poached Eggs


After watching cook show after cook show on television, I have gradually found myself developing odd, yet violent cravings for some of the random foods I have seen cooked. One of these hankerings manifests itself in that of a simple, soft-poached egg…. the jackpot I always strive for is the golden, rich yolk, when pierced, gently oozing like lava all over my hot-toasted, buttery bread…

Like many, I grew up only knowing poached eggs to be off white, rubbery little discs containing an overcooked paled yolk. That was thanks to the home-style method of poaching eggs in those containers on the stove, where the egg sits on top and meets its end through a relentless steam-blast. When I became aware of the ‘proper’ way to poach eggs, I admit I was intimidated. But on about my third attempt, I got it just right and since then it has become as easy to do as the old method. And the result is so worth it!


Large Free Range Eggs (however many you desire)
2 tbsp White Wine Vinegar
Small pot of Boiling Water
Good pinch of Salt
Ciabatta/Sourdough Loaf
Portobellini Mushrooms, fried in Olive oil & Thyme


Put your water-filled pot on a high heat until the water is bubbling rapidly.
Dice and fry up your mushrooms and set aside.
Add your salt, and vinegar to the rapidly boiling water. Stir.
Gently crack an egg, 1 at a time, into a small bowl with a lip for pouring.
Begin stirring in a circular motion your boiling water, until a whirlpool begins to form.
Gently, but quickly, pour in the raw egg into the center of the whirlpool and watch the egg whiten and take on a funny globular shape.
Cook for 2.5 minutes (for soft yolk) and 4.5 minutes (for medium) and sieve out the egg with a small strainer. Pat dry with paper towel and season immediately to allow the heat to steam the flavours.

Serve with your fried mushrooms on the side, and your eggs a-top your toasted bread. Cannot get better!

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