Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy


I always hover around the fish refrigerator section in the grocery store, paralysed with the indecision of whether or not I should splash out on some fresh salmon, yellowtail kebabs or fresh tuna. It’s always a whack to heft out, and unless you consume that entire fish there and then, (or don’t mind eating the same thing two days in a row), it lands up in the dog’s bowl.

Thus, it was with great zing that I happened upon individually wrapped 50g portions of sustainably sourced Oak Smoked Trout Ribbons this morning in Woolworths. I love having smoked trout for lunch on some fresh health bread with a bit of sour cream, some scattered dill and of course, a lemon thoroughly squeezed to death upon the whole lot.

What normally was a treat – the 100g portion, (having to be gobbled all at once, or in successive days), is now a far more accessible lunch option packaged as 50g, and is excellently priced for the quality of the fish at R19.99. You’d think somebody was paying me to say this, they aren’t – I’m just this delighted.


Oak Smoked Trout Ribbons on Health Loaf

Serves 1            Takes approx. 5 mins 


1 x chunky slice of Seeded Health Loaf

1 x 50g pack Oak Smoked Trout Ribbons

2 tsp Sour Cream, room temp

1 x small Lemon, juice

Freshly cracked Black Pepper

Scattering of Dried or Fresh Dill


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