Banana Hazelnut Bread


After returning from what was intended to be a relaxed afternoon walk along the promenade with Oslo, (which escalated into what can only be described as a highly inelegant rumble of a woman getting yanked into a life of running that she just wasn’t ready for ) – I came to two realizations; one – I have ruined my puppy, and two – I needed cake.

So, I set forth and contacted a dog trainer who could show me how to walk my dog and not the other way around. After which, I stuck my head into my bedlam of a pantry to see what ingredients I had at hand to soothe my frazzled self, and allow me to slip back into blissful denial about my parental shortcomings, as only cake (and wine) can do.

Thus out of this despair, was born a toasty loaf of banana bread. Needless to say, it was had for pre-dinner nibbles, dessert, breakfast this morning and 10am coffee break treat. Best I leave some over to console myself after today’s walk!

PS. I have searched afar for the right sized loaf tin – not too deep, wide or long and with some kind of rust-proof guarantee. This was surprisingly hard to come by, until good ol’ Le Creuset released their 2lb Loaf Tin which was the exact dimensions I was after, and came with a lifetime guarantee. Highly recommend!


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