Pot Luck Club


Every now and then I get a violent craving for an eating out experience of an international standard – somewhere I can feel transported to the beautiful eateries of London, Paris or New York City – without having to schlep there. In Cape Town, you need not look further than The Pot Luck Club – a magnificent glass zenith atop the old biscuit mill in Woodstock. It’s a proverbial diamond amongst the grit of the neighborhood, and is worth being ranked amongst the top restaurants in the world, thanks to Chef Luke Dale-Roberts’ resolute energy.

Being shot up above the rooftops in the all-glass elevator delivers a wonderful sense of arrival as you emerge into this surprisingly cosy restaurant. The concept behind the food is simple; tapas style dishes showcasing an array of global flavours. Most dining out experiences leave me racked with food envy at my fellow diners wiser orders, so the idea of not having to be committed to one dish here, thrilled me no-end. There is also a personal touch at having a notepad and pencil laid before you to jot down your dishes – a brilliant concept, as there can virtually never be a wrong order placed.

Pot Luck Club

Drinks and starters were served more swiftly than any other restaurant I have experienced in the country, and they were flawless. I had the Oysters – they were outstanding – couldn’t have been any fresher, and the flavour was heightened with the pairing of red onion and ginger, and of course a squeeze of lime. They were the best oysters I’ve ever had. At the same time, the table were crunching down on lightly battered celery leaves, and olives with red pepper pesto and artisan bread – the star of which, was an entire clove of slow roasted garlic, which we mashed upon the bread and devoured with glee. Other stand out dishes for me were the Thai style tomato salad (I could eat this every day for the rest of my life), Potato wedges (again) and the Elfin salad.

The meat eaters at the table were blown away by the 5 spice Pork Belly, served with cured roasted apple and the Tom Ka Gai fragrant, juicy prawns. The only negative comment came with the Duck spring roll as the duck slices in the roll were a bit heavy and the dish, although tasty, lacked the crunch one expects from a spring roll. One remarkable thing I noted overall through-out eating the savoury dishes, is that I did not reach for the salt or pepper once. People that know me, know this is a rarity.

Quince & Almond tart with Malted Pop-Corn ice cream

We purposefully left room for dessert, as there were two in particular that caught my eye. The Quince & Almond tart with Malted Pop-Corn ice-cream – I would give my life for this. Hands down the most supreme dessert, flavour combination I have ever had. Truly, I was close to having a Homer-Simpson-gargle-drool at the table (horrors). The Pecan Pie with Celeriac ice cream was sadly overshadowed by the magnificence of the tart, but it too, was just beautiful. I loved the way they served it almost deconstructed into three little crumbly piles of pie, instead of one heaving slice, which can sometimes be tiresome at the end of a meal.

Over all this was a fantastic experience that I would repeat in a heartbeat. The ambience, service, premises and quality of the food exuded 5 star prestige – yet not for a second did I feel an ounce of grandiloquence, just warm, welcoming luxury. The food, although a bit on the pricey side, is not over the top – and I am a firm believer in ‘you get what you pay for’. So…if you have someone you want to impress with a special night out, or even taking clients out for a speedy business lunch – you can’t go wrong with a bite here.

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    Well this is now on top of my list to visit when I am next in the fair Cape!

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