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Perfect Poached Eggs


After watching cook show after cook show on television, I have gradually found myself developing odd, yet violent cravings for some of the random foods I have seen cooked. One of these hankerings manifests itself in that of a simple, soft-poached egg…. the jackpot I always strive for is the golden, rich yolk, when pierced, gently oozing like lava all over my hot-toasted, buttery bread…

Like many, I grew up only knowing poached eggs to be off white, rubbery little discs containing an overcooked paled yolk. That was thanks to the home-style method of poaching eggs in those containers on the stove, where the egg sits on top and meets its end through a relentless steam-blast. When I became aware of the ‘proper’ way to poach eggs, I admit I was intimidated. But on about my third attempt, I got it just right and since then it has become as easy to do as the old method. And the result is so worth it!

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