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It’s always exciting when new and exotic ingredients make their way to South African shores. I always ogle the organic aisle at Woolworths where these precious gems abide. Not that I am a particular stickler for all things organic, but I do find the produce always looks a bit happier than their ordinary ‘inferiors’. It was here, whilst looking at the Rainbow Spinach (yes there is such a thing – and it’s breath-taking), the Shiraz Mange Tout and Baby Aubergines, that I came across the most intricately designed natural food stuff I have ever seen. The label read, Romanesco, and at just R16.99, I had to make it mine.

After a quick research of the vegetable, I discovered that it predates both Cauliflower and Broccoli, who are a part of its family – and hails from Italy. Isn’t that interesting?

Here is a recipe for a soup that I made using the Romanesco. Naturally I realise it is not a readily available vegetable, but it tastes so similar to cauliflower that it can be substituted with one instead. Happy Cooking!
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We Braai


Probably the most revered of all public holidays in South Africa, is the forthcoming ‘Heritage Day’, or as we like to call  it – ‘Braai Day’ – where South Africans nationally (and maybe those living abroad who feign a sick day) fire up the braai, gather their friends and family, and take part in a past-time that has descended from generation to generation. I love this holiday particularly, as it is probably one of the only public holidays where people actually make plans. Other public holidays come and go, and inevitably are spent around the house engaging in DIY or sleeping. This is a day where texts and emails are sent a week in advance (a normally rare occurrence) and venue’s are decided upon. Then the wait is on to see if the weather will be kind to us…

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Sweet Roasted Tomato Soup


If you aren’t a fan of tomatoes, then read no further, as this soup sings praises of the juicy, plump beings’ no-end. If you like them as much as I, then this soup will be a hit. It has a beautifully fresh flavour and colour; with the vibrancy of it transcending through to your eager taste buds!

Regardless of it being cooked for dinner or lunch, this is light enough to apply to both – and is great warmed up the next day as leftovers. Tomatoes always seem somewhat deeper in flavour the longer they mull together, so don’t be afraid of doubling the recipe and having it for a few days. It too freezes well, so is another thrifty way of cooking in advance to save you time down the line.

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