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Hollandaise Sauce


Hollandaise sauce has always been something synonymous with restaurant eating and cook-shows – we tend to view it with some trepidation, but really it isn’t much fuss. The only prerequisite in making it in the comfort of your own home is that you need to own (beg, borrow or steal) a blender. I’m yet to add one of these nifty’s to my collection – but I do have my ever trusty – best-buy-of-culinary-existence – the mighty, food processor. I will sing its’ praises more in another post, but for now let’s focus on the Hollandaise.

I’ve relied upon the original domestic goddess in the kitchen – Delia Smith, whom I learned most of my practical cooking skills from. This recipe comes from her ‘Delia’s How to Cook – part one’ book, that I bought about 8 years ago from a second hand bookstore on the streets of NYC. For me, Hollandaise sauce is best served poured like lava atop a heap of smoked salmon (or smoked trout), two perfectly poached eggs and a toasted traditional English muffin. TOO delicious!

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Sunday Crumpets


Sunday mornings are hands down the laziest mornings of the week, and there is simply no better way to start them than with some super strong, warming coffee and a bellyful of scrumptious crumpets. This recipe is quick to whip up, and fun to eat, as you can mix up toppings and create as many as you like. I normally have mine with some freshly whipped cream, blueberries, strawberries and some golden syrup strewn across the top. The addition of the fruit takes a bit of the guilt out of the carb fest that is a stack of crumpets – but hey – it’s Sunday.

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Perfect Poached Eggs


After watching cook show after cook show on television, I have gradually found myself developing odd, yet violent cravings for some of the random foods I have seen cooked. One of these hankerings manifests itself in that of a simple, soft-poached egg…. the jackpot I always strive for is the golden, rich yolk, when pierced, gently oozing like lava all over my hot-toasted, buttery bread…

Like many, I grew up only knowing poached eggs to be off white, rubbery little discs containing an overcooked paled yolk. That was thanks to the home-style method of poaching eggs in those containers on the stove, where the egg sits on top and meets its end through a relentless steam-blast. When I became aware of the ‘proper’ way to poach eggs, I admit I was intimidated. But on about my third attempt, I got it just right and since then it has become as easy to do as the old method. And the result is so worth it!

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