About the Moody Cook

osloThis is the mandatory part, where I tell anyone who cares, about my journey with food and how this blog came to fruition. It took me weeks of procrastination before I sat down to type this, because all I kept thinking was, ‘LOVES FOOD, WILL EAT’ – what more needs to be said? But I have since realized that everybody loves a good bio read, and I have a few things that I need to explain.

So here goes… firstly, I am not a chef. I simply love the alchemy of cooking – the pairing of flavours and ingredients that leave you feeling like your soul is ascending out of your body into Nirvana (okay, hyperbole)… but frankly, some people have religion; I, have food.

My Food Odyssey

began as early as I can remember – eating everything and anything with the greatest relish. This trait of mine had an unfortunate embellishment during a three-month stint at a boarding school in Canada, where I blindly ate myself into the morbid abyss that is adolescent obesity. For the next decade or so I hopped from diet to diet, racing from sugar low’s to sugar high’s and ultimately always yearning for food that was forbidden.

Nowadays, as my twenties scale tips towards my thirties, I have learned to accept myself and the somewhat generous encasement in which I have been given to walk this earth. No diet can be stuck to forever – instead, I have embraced the foods I love; embraced creating these foods in my lovely little kitchen and embraced that above all, feeling good is really what matters – and, surprisingly (with no exercise regime in place), I find myself a pretty normal, healthy-ish weight.


My Cooking Ethos

has a strong vegetarian slant, as I have cut meat and chicken out my diet for the past 3 years. Whilst this goes down a treat in my household, as my partner is strict vegetarian, my six-month old little dog, Oslo, doesn’t think this as marvelous. Thus, I have included with most recipes, a meat pairing addition, under ‘Oslo’s Pick’. He is my kitchen companion – chaperoning every cooking expedition, hoovering any sky-diving scraps off the floor, yapping to be lifted up to see what I am cooking, and is my taste tester.
Now if only he could wash a dish.

However much though I enjoy cooking for fun, the simple fact of life is that 95% of us have to cook nearly everyday, and that can be very un-fun, especially when you are just not in the mood. Out of this feeling, was born The Moody Cook; a place where you can select whatever mood you are in before embarking on your cooking journey – and hopefully, this will aid you in making life a little easier. On the sunny side though, I am also offering up ideas for hosting dinner parties – on a budget, or with extravagance, comfort food ideas and new tips & kitchen tricks.

So whatever your mood, make merry the food!

*Regular wine sip-take is highly recommended for the enjoyment of this blog.